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than two decades of service and joining us, larry korb. they are both joining us from washington, d.c. if you could explain based on your experience and your reading of the proposed defense budget put forth yesterday, what is your initial reaction? >> basically, it is higher than we would have expected a year ago because you had the budget deal that gave some relief from sequestration. even if you control for inflation is higher in real terms than it was during the cold war and it brings us back to 2007 levels. all of the gloom and doom and people talking about, if all things considered, it is much better than we have had at the end of every other war that we have withdrawn from whether korea, vietnam, or the end of the cold war. >> robert levinson, based on what you just heard from larry korb, do you think congress and those people who have to approve the budget are going to listen to him? do they think it is a reasonable document? >> the congress approved the overall spending limits as part of the brand-murray deal. none of them have said do not cut this or that. they are sticking
on the list of the five most interesting founders with steve jobs and larry sergei. >> that was very flattering of him. >> what is your strategy? why do you think you should be in charge? >> the goal for yc is that there is the shift to more startups. startups are the driving force of innovation and hopefully economic growth in the future. i think we could be the nexus of the new startups. our goal is to fund the best and have them be a part of the community. one of the things people do not understand about us is how tight the community is, our alumni. it is an incredibly powerful force to have this group a really talented people that run startups that really care about helping each other. growing the community and make sure that we have the best startups and helping them, that is what we are going to do. >> yc has had its champions and its haters to be honest. how do you combat that? >> the haters thing is frustrating. any time you try to do something new and different, there are a lot of people that will be haters. the way we combat that is to keep funding good startups. as long as
he can pretty much connect anyone to anyone from kanye west to larry page. he was an early investor in google and twitter in one of the most active philanthropist s.most active lancer pests. -- philanthropists. i sat down with an exclusive interview with the dallas in san francisco -- with the gala in san francisco. >> the root problem is around affordable housing and affordability in general. president obama talked about the gap in the state of the union speech. in san francisco, we plan to do something about that. >> back to the techcrunch awards you call the company to do more. -- companies to do more. tell me what you are asking companies to do. >> in san francisco, which is basically the tech chamber of commerce, is organizing volunteer activities that tech companies can subscribe to and carry out. and a lot of this is happening organically. for example, foursquare, every friday about 80 square employees go around and pick up trash. they call it clean sweep. we are hoping be clean sweep spreads to other companies in san francisco. i am sure that it will. >> ford gives 1% of the
. >> it generally makes you better. >> larry has a fantastic gallery. >> how is he different from you? >> he has a different stable of artists, a different team of people who work with him. they has a certain atmosphere. i have been working hard to create an atmosphere -- >> how do those atmospheres differ? >> i think we are artist-centric. i started as a gallerist, i traveled around to get myself a group of artists together. i became an art dealer later. in order to be able to finance some of my escapades, some of the artists i brought in early on were not easy to sell. i wanted to subsidize what i was doing with the sales of work we sell in the secondary market. larry started as an art dealer and found his passion as a gallerist. >> when you lost him, something changed in you. that is what the profile said. >> he is one of my all-time favorite artists. what changed was because i was heartbroken. that was an artist that we worked with from the early and i and the late 1990's really busted my chops to bring him to an international audience and then he jumped ship. that was tough. i learned a val
of acquisitions. they are showing a mobile is very real. google, a very good few years under larry's leadership. i think before are there. it is clear that microsoft has to redo it. there are other candidates -- twitter attempting to become a platform. >> what does microsoft have to do? >> the problem they have is that their model was organized around the monopoly windows position antimonopoly office position for products which are now free and broadly used in platforms that they do not sell. nokia is busy announcing an android-based phone. shocking. an interesting example of the power of open systems resource. >> you have acknowledged that google missed social media. >> we did. >> microsoft ms. social media and another -- a number of other things. how does someone as smart and savvy as google ms. social media. >> i took responsibility for that. but we were busy. we were doing chrome, the number one browser. you should use it all the time. android, number one mobilepro form -- mobile platform. we were unable to do one part. we had a good. what we were missing that. >> are you happy with your marke
. cybersecurity heads underground. 're going to go inside a mountain larry. -- lair. let's get to our main story first of all. tensions rising in the ukraine. kiev is telling moscow to back off. ryan chilcote is following the latest developments from inside ukraine's parliament. talk to me about the latest developments. tensions riseing with moscow. >> oddly enough, the most recent and troubling development has to do not with this parliament but the local parliament in crew yain's crimia. a group of about 60 armed men seized the building at about 5:00 a.m. local time. acting president just took that job on friday when the ousted president fled. what these men want that seized this building, they were in camouflage armed with weapons. it is not clear. they took down the ukrainian flag and put up a russian flag instead. are the russians involved? they are not saying that they are. meanwhile we have a mill exercise underway on the western border. russia's western border, which of course is shared with ukraine and the defense minister just a few minutes ago said there are russian fighter jets involv
since her name was first put forward, and larry summers -- she has pressure with the oversight of these banks and they want to see how aggressively elizabeth lauren pushes janet yellen to push up oversight of the big banks. and more news off of the top. the chairman johnson will challenge yellen about tapering to quickly. he will caution the fed not to move too quickly to exit from its current policy, that we are on solid footing and the recovery is widespread. the message is, be careful you don't taper to quickly. >> as we can see, senator johnson is still speaking and we will come back to you throughout yellen's testimony. chief washington correspondent peter cook. michael, what would you ask janet yellen if you were a senator, who happened to be on the senate banking committee. >> the third point that peter made about what they will be talking about, that is the fed comments about changing their guidance in their january minutes. the don't like taking markets advice but with the 6.5% threshold basically obsolete, what is the next at the forward guidance? we have at other fed
indian style in the lobby of apple. >> really? larry? disclosure, i do not think i could do that. >> the question is, on which mobile device do you feel the least or most safe? >> what if i was on my kindle? >> is that yes? to tell me to change my passcode. let's get to the data check. we do not need a passcode for this. commodities off the news in the ukraine, russia not pulling back but a much easier dialogue this morning. the nymex takes a breather, 103.42. 101 .91.r yen, gold, down a dollar today, a better feel led by u.s. futures. >> and stronger as well. stronger with more levity in the markets. coming up we are going to geneva for the motor show. when i think of mclaren i think of a baby stroller. but we are talking about the latest model to reach 62 miles per hour in three seconds. morning, everyone. "bloomberg surveillance," i am tom keene. the president of mcafee, you know them as the security giants with sophistication. merchants like target have taken steps to cover up cyber security disasters. maybe they don't want to talk about it? a big issue that we hear about, bu
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)